A Cocktail Dress For Every Body Type

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress like rompers and jumpsuits are transition pieces, a must have for every wardrobe. Depending on the cut, style, and accessories, a cocktail dress can easily be worn at work and transitioned flawlessly to dinner and dancing.

Current fashion trend being what it is, cocktail dresses are no longer limited to semi-formal parties or special events. Choosing the right style dress to flatter your body shape can sometimes be a tricky situation, after all, we are not all supermodels.

When shopping for the right cocktail dress to wear, whether to work or dinner,  a woman should always consider her body type against the silhouette and sizing. First be realistic about whether you are top-heavy or bottom-heavy, then decide on the flaws you would like to hide before finding something that will balance out your figure.


If you are bottom-heavy, the silhouette of your dress should be more A-line to draw attention to the upper part of your body. A cocktail dress that fits closely around the waist but flares out around the hips and thighs would be perfect for a woman with a bottom-heavy figure. A-line and Empire Waist style dresses are great for hiding those pounds around the waist that we all hate.

For top-heavy figures, the possibilities are endless. You have the option to show off some cleavage or legs and sometimes both at the same time. If you are comfortable showing off some cleavage, wearing a cocktail dress with a v-cut neckline is the way to go. Cocktail dresses that are solid up top and has a patterned skirt also works well.

Try not to wear a cocktail dress with an overly busy top because it will make your upper body appear larger and skew the balance of her figure. Pairing your dress with a blazer and the right accessories can change the look and feel of your attire. Accessories help to keep the illusion of balance and add a splash of color when needed.

Bottom-heavy women can wear flashy earrings, necklaces or chokers, while top-heavy women can forego the necklace and opt for a bracelet instead.

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