Tunics for Versatility, Comfort and Style

Fashion Tunics

Carefully choosing a few new pieces this year can add zing to your current wardrobe without stretching your budget. Good Housekeeping magazine even features a tunic on their website, describing it as one of the Top Ten Must-Have Pieces.

Tunics are one of those great, versatile pieces. They adapt to the seasons while offering comfort and a splash of color. They make just the right statement.

Tunics are usually long, falling from mid-thigh to the knee. They are also loose fitting and usually made of lightweight fabrics that drape nicely. Most are pullovers though some button down the front. Either style can be worn a number of ways.

Pullover tunics of light, billowy fabric are great in warm weather. The loose fit keeps you cool on a hot, humid day. They look good with jeans and heels, over long skirts or with leggings. Because of the lightweight fabric, some can even be tucked in without bunching. Tunics can also be worn as a dress and look great with flats or sandals. When the weather turns a bit cool, wear a tee shirt or turtleneck underneath for a layered look. 

For dressy occasions, tunics work well with wide-leg slacks made of sleek fabrics such as silks or satins.

Tunics that button down the front work well with jeans, leggings, or skirts. They can also be used as a lightweight coat in cool weather. They pair well with turtlenecks, too. 

If a tunic is worn over a skirt, be sure the skirt is longer than the tunic. Or wear your tunic with a pencil skirt for a slimming appearance. The vertical line created by a button-down tunic would be especially slimming.

When the weather turns really cold, a knee-length tunic made of lightweight wool or knitted fabric works well with skirts, slim jeans or leggings. Add a turtleneck for texture. You could also wear your tunic belted. With high heel boots and a long skirt, the look is dramatic.

It is easy to see how adding a few of these great pieces can be very affordable yet extend and update a wardrobe in many ways. The comfort and versatility are unmatched.

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