What Your Style Says About You

Fashion style Tips

Unlike eye and skin color, people are not born with style - they acquire it. Some people change their styles every few years (usually prompted by an event in their lives), some change it every year with the seasons to be "en vogue", while others cling to decades gone by.

Style starts on top with your hair and ends at the bottom with your choice of footwear. A style is about colors, cuts, and fabrics.

Hair can be short, long or in between. Long hair is usually associated with someone that wants to look sexy and flirtatious. In the case of men, it can also symbolize an artist or musician. Short hair on women is often cited as looking more professional. Since it is easier to style and maintain, short hair often speaks of a busy lifestyle.

Since people are not stuck anymore with the hair color they were born with, this too can be used as a form of self-expression. People with red hair are often seen as passionate while blondes retain the reputation of being sexy and outgoing. A brunette will often be seen as more introverted. People that highlight their hair with different colors usually have a funky or edgy personality to them.

Color plays an important role in clothing also. Not only does the actual color convey a certain meaning, so does the shade. Pastels seem to speak of a soft personality, while bold colors can most likely be found on an outgoing person. It is no coincidence that neutrals are seen mostly in the professional workplace, as they convey a conservative image.

The cut and style of a garment speak volumes also.  Loose fitting clothing usually has the image of someone more laid back, while tailored and fitted apparel can most likely be found on a person that likes to convey a more structured impression.

In the case of ladies, the choice of skirts versus slacks makes a big statement also. Skirts and dresses speak of embracing femininity, while slacks convey a more practical image.

The same goes for heels. High heels have a reputation for being sexy and feminine, while a shoe with a flat sole probably means the wearer has comfort in mind.

Don't underestimate the importance of accessories, such as jewelry, belts, watches, etc. These can come in very handy when you have to dress a certain way (for example at the workplace), and you want to incorporate some of your personality, without going overboard or dressing inappropriately for certain situations.

In closing, if you like to be current, staying up to date with fashion does not have to be expensive.  Buy a couple of pieces of current tops, a couple of pieces of current bottoms, and a pair of stylish shoes.  Then mix and match them with timeless pieces in your wardrobe, and you will have a style of your own that won't be outdated.

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